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Consciously navigate relationship anxiety to find fulfilment, happiness & clarity 


Do you feel anxious about your relationship even though it's going well?


Are you tired of being stuck in worries, doubts and ruminating about your partner or relationship instead of experiencing joy & connection?


Do you long to feel grounded, connected, fulfilled within AND in your relationship?

Relationship anxiety is your gateway to finding fulfilment, happiness & clarity within and in your relationship 

Anxiety can latch onto any topics, but when it latches on your loving partner, or relationship, then it can be very difficult to manage if we're not equipped with the right tools and mindset to do the exploratory work without getting caught up in the anxiety.

Anxiety in relationships can look like:​

  • waking up in the middle of the night wondering if we've made a  mistake

  • asking ourselves  questions starting with what ifs: what if I don't love my partner enough? what if this is not meant to be? what if I am just settling? What if I am not attracted enough?

  • being unable to commit to someone we know we love and with whom we're well-matched because we're plagued by fears  

  • pulling back when our partner gets too close, or constantly seeking reassurance from them 

Mainstream advice is that doubts mean don't, and that anxiety is something to be eradicated. The truth is anxiety is often misunderstood and relationship anxiety even more so


I take a completely different approach, informed by  the Jungian tradition and Eastern Spirituality teachings: relationship anxiety shows up to teach us something about ourself that we don't already know but that our psyche is ready to bring to consciousness. Anxiety is a very smart alarm system telling us something within us needs our attention.


Relationship anxiety is your opportunity to address unconscious beliefs, stories and conditioning that are preventing you from saying 'YES" to love, connection, trust and surrender. Here's just a snapshot of what will happen when you start exploring your relationship anxiety with curiosity: 

  • You'll deepen your connection with yourself and with your partner

  • You'll step into commitment with confidence and with complete clarity over what relationship you want to create 

  • You'll stop second guessing yourself  and instead make decisions that serve the life you want and the relationship/partnership you want 

  • You'll develop deep compassion for yourself , your partner and others 

Is this you?


Everyone tells you how great things look from the outside, but inside it's a completely different story. You struggle with anxiety, worries about your partner, or relationship, and it's robbing you from the joy and happiness of your relationship. 


You've finally got the relationship you wanted for so long, but now you are questioning everything and wondering whether it should really be this hard. 


You're not ready to give up maybe on your partner, your relationship, love or even yourself! Something inside you is telling you that it's time to courageously explore what's going on so you can feel like yourself again, only even happier and more fulfilled than before. 


Hi, I'm Mariam

Certified Master Jungian Life Coach & Relationship Anxiety Specialist informed by the Jungian tradition. I help you uncover the defenses, stories and inner dynamics at play in your interaction with your partner that are causing you to feel anxious, disconnected and stuck. Together we will work from the inside out to help you feel grounded, happy & fulfilled within and in your relationship. 


My interest in relationships, anxiety and Jungian psychology is not a random.  I myself struggled for years with anxiety, but it was not until it hit me full-blown nine months into my idyllic relationship that I started to get curious about it. In my quest for understanding better what was going, I found carl Jung's work. 

My approach is unique. I am informed by the Jungian tradition, but I work  in a coaching framework, not a therapeutic one. This means while in essence the work we do together may be therapeutic, it creates foundation for change and transformation. Working together you can expect some huge insights, shifts and changes in your life within the space of 4-6 months. 


I have put years of training, qualifications, coaching, therapy and inner work to help you uncover the hidden gifts of your relationship anxiety. Using tools such as Shadow work, emotional work, active imagination & dream we will uncover the defenses, dynamics and stories at play within you that are no longer serving you.  we will work inside out to help you find joy, connection, grounding within and in your relationship. 

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”

Carl G. Jung

When you turn towards anxiety instead of pushing it away, you uncover its subtle messages bubbling up to consciousness to help you break free from what is no longer serving you. 


If you're in the midst of anxiety, check out my free 5 part email series 

5 ways to reclaim your inner wisdom 

“Mariam has many qualities as a coach. She was incredibly quick at understanding where I as coming from and where I wanted to go. I remember at our second session thinking: wow this person really understands me and my situation to a greater depth than a psychotherapist ever did, even after seeing him for over 15 hours of therapy."

Tim W, UK 

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