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Do you want to find freedom from your relationship anxiety?

Do you want to understand what lies beneath your relationship anxiety so you can find freedom, confidence and inner peace?

Relationship Anxiety
Shadow Revealer

A free 6-part email series to help you uncover what lies beneath your relationship anxiety so you can start working from the inside out to achieve inner peace, clarity and connection within and in your relationship. 

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In this free 6-part email series you will 

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Light and Shadow

Hi, I'm Mariam

Certified Master Jungian Life Coach & Relationship Anxiety Specialist informed by the Jungian tradition. I help you uncover the defenses, stories and inner dynamics at play in your interaction with your partner that are causing you to feel anxious, disconnected and stuck. Together we will work from the inside out to help you feel grounded, happy & fulfilled within and in your relationship. 


My interest in relationships, anxiety and Jungian psychology is not a random.  I myself struggled for years with anxiety, but it was not until it hit me full-blown nine months into my idyllic relationship that I started to get curious about it. In my quest for understanding better what was going, I found carl Jung's work. 

My approach is unique. I am informed by the Jungian tradition, but I work  in a coaching framework, not a therapeutic one. This means while in essence the work we do together may be therapeutic, it creates foundation for change and transformation. Working together you can expect some huge insights, shifts and changes in your life within the space of 4-6 months. 


I have put years of training, qualifications, coaching, therapy and inner work to help you uncover the hidden gifts of your relationship anxiety. Using tools such as Shadow work, emotional work, active imagination & dream we will uncover the defenses, dynamics and stories at play within you that are no longer serving you.  we will work inside out to help you find joy, connection, grounding within and in your relationship. 

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