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Consciously navigate relationship anxiety 

1:1 coaching to help you overcome relationship anxiety to find fulfilment, happiness and clarity within and in your relationship 

Is this you?


Is anxiety robbing you from the joy of being in a relationship with your loving partner? 


Are you tired of being stuck in indecision, worries, doubts about your relationship or your partner even if overall you know what you have is good and healthy?


Do you long to feel grounded, at peace and clear about what you want, and how to deepen your connection to your partner? 

What if you could...

Gain insight 

Into why relationship anxiety, indecision and doubts are showing up for you at this stage of your life and of your relationship and how to navigate it    

Cultivate  Connection

Learn to work with your triggers so they become opportunities to increase intimacy, connection and authenticity within & in your relationship

Have clarity 

Over what you truly desire​ and how to own those desires in a way that feels expansive not reactive



Feel confident 

Stepping into the next stage of your romantic life whether that's moving-in, committing, having children etc with clarity and excited


Let me share a secret with you

Relationships* mirror what’s going on for us internally.


When we feel anxious about or in our otherwise safe, loving and mutually respectful relationship* or partner or at the idea of committing, it is usually the reflection of some internal dynamics. Those dynamics have most likely been at play for a very long time. And the relationship is giving them an opportunity to play out and address them if they are no longer serving us, or limiting us in any ways. When approached with the right mindset and tools, relationship anxiety can become one of your life's greatest teacher. 

When you become aware of your conditioning, past experiences, beliefs you hold about yourself, others and love, you realise how much we show up in relationships is conditioned by what we witnessed or unconsciously absorbed growing up.  When you uncover the inner conflicts at stake within you that are contributing to the anxiety, you can choose how to respond instead of reacting from a place of fear.

Failing that, you will keep running away from the anxiety, failing to address the inner dynamics that are contributing to this tension within you. The consequence is that you may find yourself in the same situation, maybe with a different partner, over and over again. 

* all my work is based on caring and mutually respectful relationships where two partners choose to be together, not relationships displaying red flags such as addiction, abusive or controlling behaviours.

When you break free from your conditioning, you stop reacting and instead are free to create your ideal relationship free from worries, indecision and anxiety. 


Hi, I'm Mariam

Certified Master Level Jungian Life Coach & Relationship Specialist. If you're not familiar with Carl Jung's work, he is the father of analytical psychology. He is credited for his work on the unconscious and how if we ignore it, we keep stuck in patterns that are not in service of the relationship or life we want to create.  In order to overcome your relationship challenges, you need to look at what's unconsciously stopping you from getting your dream relationship. 

Together, we will work from the inside out with a variety of tools such as Shadow work, emotional work, active imagination & dream work . This will help you uncover the root causes of your challenges and what you can do about it in order to experience clarity, confidence, and manifest your dream relationship, whether you are single or already in a relationship.


My interest in relationship coaching and Jungian psychology is not a random.  I myself struggled for years to find a reliable, loving and caring partner. And when I did, I was plagued with anxiety and fears and it was agonising. I am here to tell you, it doesn't have to be this way! Yes you can overcome those challenges and feel deeply satisfied, and whole in your relationship! 


I have put years of training and qualifications, therapy, coaching and inner work to understand how relationship challenges are actually a blessing to help you attract your ideal relationship and cultivate it. In return, your relationship will become the  vehicle for your own growth & fulfilment. You will see that by the end of our work together, it will be much more than your romantic life that will have transformed for the best! 

Max, Georgia

“Mariam has a gift for connecting and understanding  what's at the heart of clients' challenges. She excels in the use of Active Imagination techniques which with her guidance helped me gain deeper insight. Her engaged, calm and compassionate approach provides a comfortable space to allow unconscious material to surface."

What's included   

  • 1 x 60mins onboarding deep dive session 

  • A further 8 coaching sessions (45mins, every other week) to work with triggers, uncover inner conflicts that is causing the anxiety 

  • Monday-Friday unlimited Voxer support 

  • Access to all your personalised visualisations 

  • Payment plans are available and start at £315 a month 

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