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Abstract Horizon

Do you long to experience clarity & inner peace?

Do you want more certainty about the direction you want to take? 

5 ways to reclaim your inner wisdom 

A free 5-part email series to help you sidestep the common mistakes preventing you from accessing your inner resources, intuition, and wisdom when you are on the brink of change and need it most

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In this free 5-part email series, you will uncover: 

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Calm Lake

Hi, I'm Mariam, Certified Jungian Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, perinatal emotional and mental well-being practitioner.

Oh and also a functional anxiety sufferer turned into an anxiety befriender.

My life mission is to help you access your inner wisdom, and start living your life from a place of choice and authenticity, not past conditioning and reactivity.  Why? So that you can start shaping the life that authentically reflects who you are! 

Working with clients, and speaking from my own experience, I've noticed the 5 key areas when you are on the brink of transformation and change that keep you stuck. 

Inside this free 5 part email series, I'll be showing you how to reclaim your inner wisdom so you can start your transformation toward who you authentically are. And it starts now. 

Find out more about me at 

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