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Light and Shadow

Uncover your inner obstacles to create the deeply connected and loving relationship you wan

What is Jungian Life Coaching?

The Jungian coaching model derives from Carl Jung's contributions to depth psychology. In Jungian coaching, we work with the conscious and unconscious (personal and collective). In this model, every trigger or challenge faced is an opportunity to grow. 

Is it therapy in disguise?

It is really not. I am not a licensed therapist although I am a perinatal practitioner in addition to being an accredited Life Coach. I expect clients to enjoy overall good emotional and mental well-being before starting coaching. Saying that, anxiety and depression can also be a manifestation of repressed emotions linked with being stuck, so please do not be discouraged to seek coaching. I also believe coaching and therapy can work well together, so contact me to discuss your situation. 

How does it differ from traditional Life Coaching?

While traditional life coaching works on the conscious level, in Jungian Life coaching we work with both your conscious and unconscious mind to help you get unstuck.

This is what makes this modality so powerful. 

What packages are available?

The minimum commitment is 3 months which will enable some insights. However I usually recommend working together for at last six months to really start seeing the transformation in action. Sessions take place every other week, and we check-in in between sessions via email. 

What can I expect?

I will never tell, I will always enquire with openness, non judgement so that you can access your own answers. I use different tools such as Shadow work,  dreamwork, visualisations, active imagination and working with emotions. Sessions take place online unless you live in the South London area. 

Do you offer any group coaching?

Yes! If you feel group coaching might give you the experience you need right now, I am currently in the process of starting a monthly group coaching session. Contact me for more information. 


Curious? Get in touch to learn more.

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