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1:1 Coaching

No two client's journey is the same, so my coaching will reflect that but I specialise in conscious relationship coaching & perinatal coaching as detailed below. 

 Conscious Relationship Coaching

The modality I use is rooted in Jungian Psychology and Eastern spirituality. Together we will uncover your inner barriers to connection to help you consciously create the relationship you want free from doubts, anxiety and fears. 

Perinatal Coaching

Stepping into parenthood can be particularly triggering. There is nothing wrong with you for having anxieties, fears and being unable to enjoy that new stage of your life. However it doesn't have to be this way, you can both feel challenged and enjoy your time. Those two things are not mutually exclusive no matter what mainstream culture says.  As a certified perinatal practitioner, I can help with a wide range of challenges from recovering from a birth trauma, supporting  a challenging fertility journey to understanding & addressing pre/post natal anxiety and depression. 

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