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Get the clarity & confidence to step into the next stage of your life

A six-month 1:1 intensive coaching experience to find clarity, direction & purpose

Imagine you could experience 


Feel deeply connected to your own desires and wants. 


Step into the next stage of your love life with confidence, clarity and excitement 

Personal Growth

Flip the narrative so that your relationship serves your personal growth 


Find clarity on how to step into the

Is this you?


Do you picture a life that you share with someone you love and have deep and authentic connection with but struggle to attract the right partner or deepen your connection with your existing partner?


Are you tired of experiencing relationship doubts, anxiety, fears and indecision and long to get the fun, loving and deeply connected relationship you've always wanted?


Are you ready to curiously explore what is keeping you stuck by exploring how your past experiences and ideas you hold about love & commitment may be limiting you?

Let me share a secret with you

Relationships* only ever mirror what’s going on for us internally. This involves looking at what's both conscious and unconscious to you. 


In order to create your dream relationship , you need to become aware of:


  • how your conditioning has influenced your choices, behaviours and mindset in relationships to date 

  • and how your conditioning and past experiences get projected onto the ‘screen’ of your relationship or partner

  • how to break free from your past experiences and conditioning so you can start manifesting your dream relationship 


In other words, you need to consciously work at it! And this is work better done with an experienced coach. 


Failing that, you will keep repeating inherited patterns and habits that are not in service of the relationship you want to create and stay stuck in the same place over and over.

*here we talk about relationships that are based on care and mutual respect, not relationships displaying red flags such as addiction, abusive or controlling behaviours.

When you break free from your conditioning, you stop reacting and instead are free to create your ideal relationship. 


Hi, I'm Mariam

Certified Master Level Jungian Life Coach & Relationship Specialist. If you're not familiar with Carl Jung's work, he is the father of analytical psychology. He is credited for his work on the unconscious and how if we ignore it, we keep stuck in patterns that are not in service of the relationship or life we want to create.  In order to overcome your relationship challenges, you need to look at what's unconsciously stopping you from getting your dream relationship. 

Together, we will work from the inside out with a variety of tools such as Shadow work, emotional work, active imagination & dream work . This will help you uncover the root causes of your challenges and what you can do about it in order to experience clarity, confidence, and manifest your dream relationship, whether you are single or already in a relationship.


My interest in relationship coaching and Jungian psychology is not a random.  I myself struggled for years to find a reliable, loving and caring partner. And when I did, I was plagued with anxiety and fears and it was agonising. I am here to tell you, it doesn't have to be this way! Yes you can overcome those challenges and feel deeply satisfied, and whole in your relationship! 


I have put years of training and qualifications, therapy, coaching and inner work to understand how relationship challenges are actually a blessing to help you attract your ideal relationship and cultivate it. In return, your relationship will become the  vehicle for your own growth & fulfilment. You will see that by the end of our work together, it will be much more than your romantic life that will have transformed for the best! 

Max, Georgia

“Mariam has a gift for connecting and understanding  what's at the heart of clients' challenges. She excels in the use of Active Imagination techniques which with her guidance helped me gain deeper insight. Her engaged, calm and compassionate approach provides a comfortable space to allow unconscious material to surface."

What's included   

  • 1 x 60mins onboarding deep dive session 

  • 12 coaching sessions (45mins, every other week) to work with triggers, uncover internal barriers to connection and start creating your ideal relationship free from doubts, worries, anxiety & fears

  • 1 email check-in between session for extra guidance & accountability 

  • Access to all your personalised visualisations 

And you have the option to add the premium upgrade to include:

  • Sessions recordings with readout of actionable steps after each session to keep you on track 

  • 12 days of direct message support for those days when you need it most (emails or voice messages)

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