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Kissing in the Field

From single to happily coupled

A 90mins workshop to help you uncover why when it comes to your romantic relationships you are stuck in the same disappointing cycle. Through an intimate group coaching experience, you will start identifying your inner obstacles to dating and finding a steady, loving and committed partner and set yourself up for a healthy, fulfilling & happy relationship. 

This workshop is designed for you if:

Join me at 5pm UK time/12pm EST/9am PST on Tuesday 28 February to:

Understand what your obstacles to finding love are, so you can set yourself up for a fulfilling, happy & steady relationship instead of dreading the next first date

Get clear about the relationship you consciously want to create, independently of what you witnessed growing up whether positive or negative

Feel excited about getting to know yourself through that journey

Start attracting well-matched & loving potential partners! 

We will be exploring: 

The psychology of romantic love


And how the ideas you hold about love may be unconsciously getting in the way of you finding a partner, so you can consciously choose the kind of love and connection you want to create. 

How your personal history, culture and experiences affect your dating and relationships

So you can consciously choose what you want from a partner and relationship instead of just jumping into something because it feels good or familiar even if you know it's not good for you long term. 

How to feel grounded navigating the ups and downs of dating


So that you can show yourself unconditional love, acceptance and self-love even when things don't work out the way you would have wanted.

How to take action to create the fulfilling relationship you want 

Instead of wanting to give up on love all together, understand what it is you can do to set yourself up for a successful, fulfilling & loving relationship. 

Workshop details

Tuesday 28 February 2023, at 5pm GMT/12pm EST/9am PST


Early bird pricing of £69 available until 24 February

After that, join for £89

First 2 people to sign up will receive a free 30mins coaching session after the workshop (valued £250+)

Save Your Spot

  • 28 Feb 2023, 17:00 GMT
    Online workshop
    A 90mins group coaching experience to help you uncover why when it comes to your romantic life you are stuck in the same disappointing cycle, so you can start identifying your inner obstacles to dating and set yourself ip for a steady, loving and committed relationship.

What past workshop participants have to say

Mariam is an insightful coach who will challenge you to unearth your inner blockages. Her technique & skills enable you to see yourself in a different way. Even though the workshop was short, I came away with a valuable new perspective


Hi, I'm Mariam

Certified Master Level Jungian Life Coach & Relationship Specialist. If you're not familiar with Carl Jung's work, he is the father of analytical psychology. He is credited for his work on the unconscious and how if we ignore it, we keep stuck in patterns that are not in service of the relationship or life we want to create.  In order to overcome your relationship challenges, you need to look at what's unconsciously stopping you from getting your dream relationship. 


My interest in relationship coaching and Jungian psychology is not a random.  I myself struggled for years to find a reliable, loving and caring partner. And when I did, I was plagued with anxiety and fears and it was agonising. I am here to tell you, it doesn't have to be this way! Yes you can overcome those challenges and feel deeply satisfied, and whole in your relationship! 

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