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How to work with your anxiety

Updated: May 12, 2023

I had a particularly painful encounter with anxiety a few years ago while travelling solo in central and South America. On a summer equinox I suffered a massive panic attack while visiting a sacred Mayan site. This set me on my path to understanding anxiety.

Through that journey, I’ve learned that my anxiety isn’t a sign of brokenness, but a signal from my soul that something within me needs my attention. I have found the mainstream discourse on anxiety very debilitating, and triggering for people like me on the sensitive, creative spectrum.

So what is anxiety? Here are some of the learnings I've gained from my encounter with anxiety.

First, anxiety is an opportunity to grow. Anxiety is a gateway to something bigger than who you think you are or how people perceive you. It's a smart signal pointing to an area within you that is experiencing a disconnect and thus needs your attention.This is not to say that you should take anxiety's manifestations (such as intrusive thoughts) at face value. On the contrary, when you notice the manifestation of your anxiety, take it as a signal that you need recalibrating. It's the sign that something needs to be seen, something that is a lot more subtle than the manifestation or fear based thoughts that often accompany anxiety.

Second, anxiety is an inner roadmap to access your higher guidance. When addressed with curiosity and compassion, anxiety is a gateway to accessing your own inner wisdom.

Third, anxiety is a daily commitment. Like anything worth having, it takes courage, effort and consistency. You can't just quickly fix anxiety. It requires a daily practice to connect and discover your inner world with curiosity, compassion and non-attachment to outcomes.

I approach working with clients who suffer from anxiety, from a compassionate and empowering place that asks questions from a place of curiosity, not a place of shame and judgment. If you’re ready to delve into the labyrinth of your soul, I’d be honoured to help you.

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