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The best of both worlds - Psychology + Coaching

Updated: May 12, 2023

For someone who doesn’t know much about Jungian psychology or Life Coaching, the term Jungian Life Coaching must not mean a great deal.

It’s a bit like therapy because we work safely & non-judgementally to explore our client’s emotional & mental world, but it’s actually coaching.

Jungian Life Coaching is such a powerful tool for transformation because it combines the best of both worlds, Jungian Psychology applied to a coaching model.

Jungian Life coaching is rooted in the contribution of one of the greatest psychiatrists of all time, Carl Jung. In his approach, the individual is born whole but through the process of being brought up + life experiences, we move away from the wholeness to adopt certain traits while rejecting others in an attempt to be accepted and survive.

This is a great survival strategy but keeps us small and limited and unable to tap into our full potential.

The only way to truly become master of our destiny is to allow whatever we pushed away into our unconscious to rise to consciousness so that we experience a real choice over how we respond to life and a real freedom in choosing who we become.

Most coaching models will seek to create better stories about yourself or help you develop certain characteristics. But Jungian Life Coaching goes much deeper, it helps you see aspects of yourself you didn’t even know were there.

Where you can meet your innermost fears with acceptance, compassion, and curiosity, you can embrace your full potential and individuality.

As a result, you are free to choose who you become and how you show up to the world.

For example, you may be in a very loving relationship, together you have children and for the most part, life is good. But the pressure of juggling parental and personal responsibilities gets the better of you, you keep losing your temper and lashing out at your partner who is just trying their best. This is eroding your relationship and you’re conscious of how that will affect your children too. You judge yourself harshly because but you can’t help it.

What you don’t realise is that you wanting to show up to the world as this capable, “has it all together” kind of parent, has a serious cost on you and your relationship. To show up to the world as this, you’ve had to push away the messier, more vulnerable, less organised aspects of yourself. And holding up that persona has a cost, the lashing out at someone you love when your cup is full.

When you can see that those qualities also belong to you and take ownership of them, you can choose to make space for this less organised, messier, and flexible version of yourself. This means you will have less difficulty prioritising your needs, and self-care routine and will be less likely to lash out at your partner when exhausted & at your wit's end. And by doing so, increasing the level of connection & vulnerability in the relationship.

By embracing all aspects of yourself, you can genuinely choose how you respond to triggers and shape a life, a relationship that reflects who you consciously choose to be.

This is why Jungian Life Coaching is so powerful, it helps you uncover who you really are and how you want to show up to the world.

Unlike with other psychological modalities, in Jungian Psychology, emotional disturbances are not seen as a pathology. We don’t seek to eradicate difficult emotions. Instead, we see them as messengers and guides to help us uncover something that wants to come through. This is hugely empowering especially for people with anxiety or depression.

While Jungian Life Coaching is rooted in Jungian Psychology, it is not therapy.

In the therapeutic model, we try to ‘fix’, to ‘make better’ while in coaching we assume the individual is resilient, resourceful and don’t need fixing, just someone to help them see their blindspots so they can reach their goals.

Therapy is usually open-ended while coaching is usually time-bound. Therapists are licensed professional, coaches follow an accreditation model.

The motivation for seeking therapy can be two-fold – the individual is really struggling with meeting an aspect of their basis needs or they want a space to be seen, heard and validated.

Clients who come to Jungian Life Coaching are already operating at a fully functional level. But they also know that they want more than a place to slow down and let some steam off.

Often clients come to me having experienced therapy and feeling like they’ve outgrown the original issue that first brought them to therapy (and don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing!).

It was first my panic attacks and anxiety that brought me to therapy. I was in crisis. I needed to get back to a functional level. I couldn’t eat, and I couldn’t sleep. And therapy helped. But after a while, it wasn’t enough.

When clients want more for themselves, want to challenge the status quo, and are open to receiving coaching, something truly magic unravels. They are willing to get out of their comfort zone and challenge who they think they are to grow. And aspirations become reality.

See it a bit like this, if you want to make a cake but don’t know anything about baking you probably want to start by following a recipe to the letter. As you get more confident, following a recipe won’t be enough, you’ll want to develop the skills and mindset to start creating your own signature bakes.

So think Jungian Life Coaching is for you? I have 3 spots left to start working together from January I am now taking deposits down to secure your space.

And for December only, I am offering a one-time only offer for a 90mins breakthrough session + 3 day of further voxer support for £220. Make sure to secure as I only have 2 left!

Holistically Yours,

Mariam x

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